Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

We normally use Stripe and for our transactions. are one of the largest domain selling platforms in the world and they also do domain escrow service, i.e. they make sure we won't get the money before you received the domain. We can also organize the transaction over SEDO or, but due to their fees being substantially higher, we will have to add additional $30 USD for the transaction.

How will my domain name be delivered to me?

If you've made the purchase via
  • After the payment has been completed, they will first ask us to deliver the domain to them.
  • Then they will ask you to open an account at the domain's own registrar (in 99% of the cases it will be, and give them the account username and email.
  • After you've opened the account and provided them with the info they've requested, they will "push" the domain to your account, handing you over the full control and ownership.
  • After that, they will release the funds to us, and close the transaction.

This way, they make sure we won't get the money before you receive the domain.

Bear in mind that for some domains the transfer is not possible in the first 60 days of the purchase period. This rule is not our policy (i.e. something we made up when we had nothing better to do), it's an ICANN regulation, and you can read all about it here:

The domain will be under your full control and ownership right away, and it will have your WHOIS info, you would be able to, for example, set its DNS, forward it to your current website, connect it to a hosting company of your choice (like GoDaddy, HostGator etc.), connec it to a website builder (e.g. Wix, SquareSpace ) or e-commerce platform (such as Shopify). You just won't be able to transfer it to your hosting/registrar company during that initial 60-days-lock period, and the domain name itself will have to be managed with its current registrar during that period.

(For Stripe or 2checkout payments) I've entered wrong email when filling-in the order at your payment processor. What should I do?

If you made a mistake with your email when filling the order, please contact us at and after we confirm it's really you (don't worry we don't ask for your dental record and blood samples like many of the companies do ) we will resend you the transfer instructions to the proper email.
We are a small company with 15 employees only, and we generally already had some communication with our new clients before they purchased the domain, so don't worry you won't lose your domain just because any of our guys behaved like some bureaucratic support-bot .

Is this a one time payment and are there any additional fees?

This is a one time payment and we will never bill you again for the same domain. Please note that we also give you one year of free registration ( unless stated otherwise in our emails) alongside with the domain. However, We do need to inform you that you will have to renew your domain after one year of registration expires. Usual price for domain renewals is around ~$9 USD per year.

Do I get a free full 1 year registration?

All domains we sell come with a free 1 year registration.