Tutorial: How to connect your NameBright domain to your Wix website?

This is one of the more common questions our customers ask us, so we've cobbled-together these short instructions here:

There are two different things you need to do:

  • Part One: Add the domain to your Wix account, i.e. let Wix know you'll want to use your NameBright domain. They will give you Nameservers you will need to enter on NameBright end
  • Part Two: On NameBright end: Set domain to use nameservers WIX have provided, so the domain "knows" to point to WIX servers

Part One: Add your domain to Wix, and find out which nameservers you need to enter on NameBright end.

In order to add the domain to Wix, so they know that your domain points to your own website, please follow the PART 1 of their instructions at the following link:


Part Two: Set Wix NameServers:

All you need to do is to go to log-in to your NameBright account, and go to My Account -> Domains -> (select your domain) -> Find Namservers tab, and enter the following two nameservers there:

Then enter WIX nameserveres (a.k.a "DNS servers""):