Tutorial: How to connect your domain to your Shopify page on NameBright

This is one of the more common questions our customers ask us, so we've cobbled-together these short instructions here:

The whole process has to bigger parts:

  • Part One: On NameBright end: Set the necessary DNS records to point to Shopify
  • Part Two: Add the domain to your Shopify account, i.e. let Shopify know you'll want to use your NameBright domain.

Part One: Set Shopify's DNS records:

In order to enter DNS records, you will first have to set do two things

  • Set domain's nameservers to use NameBright's in order for NameBright's DNS Editor to work
  • Set in NameBright's DNS Editor to point to DNS records necessary for Shopify

For start, please log into your NameBright account, and go to My Account -> Domains -> (select your domain) -> Find Namservers tab, and click onto "enter nameservers" link as shown on the image below:

Then enter NameBright's nameservers

  • ns1.namebrightdns.com
  • ns2.namebrightdns.com

and click Save as shown on the image below:

Now you need to go to NameBright's DNS Editor and enter Shopify's DNS records

To do that:

  • Select "DNS Editor tab"
  • Delete all of the NameBright's default DNS records by clicking onto Delete link nexto to each record, as shown on the screenshot below. You won't need any of them:

After you have deleted NameBright's default DNS records, now you need to enter Shopify's DNS records:

  • First click on the Add a New DNS record button, like on screenshot below:

  • Then in Add a new DNS Record field, select "A Address Record" as type
  • For Subdomain field, choose "@" (no subdomain)
  • For IP Address field, enter
  • Then click Add button.

It should look something like the screenshot below:

    Now click onto Add a New DNS record button again and this time enter the following DNS record:

  • For Add a new DNS Record field, select "CNAME Canonical Name" as type
  • For Subdomain field, choose "www"
  • For Redirect domain field, enter shops.myshopify.com
  • Then click Add button.

It should look something like the screenshot below:

At this point you're done with everything on NameBright's end! Whew! that was a bit work
Now it's time to go to Shopify and add the domain on their end
One very important note: Any DNS changes often take a few hours for all of providers around the world to pick them up. So if you're sure you've followed the instructions above and Shopify still complains DNS records haven't been properly set, please give Shopify a few hours to catch up

Part Two: This part is actually far more straightforward, just follow Shopify's instructions at the link below, from the 2nd part:

Click here to see 'Connect your domain to Shopify' tutorial on Shopify's page

This screeenshot basically sums-up all you need to do on their end: